Appearance can be Deceptive- A Case Report on Central Venous Line Complication

Mohammod Ali, Fauzia Khan, Sudhakar Sarker, Abul Hasan Muhammad Bashar, Abdul Wadud Chowdhury

Central venous (CV) lines are widely used for anything from rapid fluid resuscitation, to drug
administration, to parenteral nutrition, and even for administering hemodialysis. Central lines
come in different sizes, types, and sites of administration. Sometimes their use can be associated
with complications as well. Our patient is an 85 years old hypertensive, diabetic female presenting
with post COVID fibrosis with aspiration pneumonia with septic shock. After admissions in ICU,
CV line was inserted through right sub-clavian venous route for administration of essential
medications including inotropes. However, forceful backflow of blood was noticed after insertion of
CV line raising the suspicion of arterial insertion. It was later confirmed by CXR, ABG and duplex
arterial study. Taking appropriate precautions, we were able to remove the CV line safely without
any complications. Sometimes minor and easy things like CV like insertion can become life
threatening. But with proper knowledge and planning we can overcome any complications