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  • goal of cardiology bangladesh, About Us, Cardiology Bangladesh - কার্ডিওলজি বাংলাদেশ
  • goal of cardiology bangladesh, About Us, Cardiology Bangladesh - কার্ডিওলজি বাংলাদেশ
  • goal of cardiology bangladesh, About Us, Cardiology Bangladesh - কার্ডিওলজি বাংলাদেশ

Cardiologybd.com is your dedicated online hub for all things cardiology.

Our platform is a comprehensive resource for cardiology-related articles, news, events, journals, and guidelines. We are committed to supporting everyone in their journey towards a healthy heart, offering valuable information and insights to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Explore our website to stay informed and take steps towards a heart-healthy life.

Our Goal

Cardiology Bangladesh Goals and Missions

People in Bangladesh often face issues like Chest Pain, High Blood Pressure, High Pulse rate, and other issues and fears about those symptoms. On the Other hand, some people don’t pay enough attention to those problems and think, the problem is normal. Because of not having enough cardiac or cardiological education they often build heart problems and other relevant health issues. Cardiology BD aims to educate these people to understand Heart Disease, the symptoms of Heart or Cardiac Problems in Bangladesh, and When to see a Cardiologist in Bangladesh, or when not to see one. Because, most of the time people don’t know what happened! There are cases of Problems, where a person feels pain in his chest and ensures himself and surrounding friends and family that he might have heart issues. After detecting they get wrong treatment from the local quacks! We are here to solve this issue! Cardiology Bangladesh is the only Cardiac Blog in Bangladesh that provides actual Informational Bengali and English Articles on Cardiology, Cardiac Issues, Heart Problems, and Cardiological Problem Identification! We publish regular Articles on these Categories to Ensure Quality Cardiac Health Related Education for the People of Bangladesh.

Cardiology BD

Bangladesh Cardiologist Doctor List

If you are Looking for a complete list of Bangladesh cardiologists then our Platform CardiologyBD can help you! You can find a list of Top cardiologists in Bangladesh, with Important information like Experience in the Cardiac Field, Expertise, and Contact info for the heart doctors list in Bangladesh!

goal of cardiology bangladesh, About Us, Cardiology Bangladesh - কার্ডিওলজি বাংলাদেশ
Purpose of

Cardiology Bangladesh

Some information from the NICVD, WHO and our Bangladeshi Scientific researchers shocked us, the Cardiac Doctors, the Cardiac Society, and Cardiologist Researchers in Bangladesh! So we found a need to create a Cardiac Health Related Blog Website in Bangladesh to educate people about their Heart Health and other Cardio Vascular Problems and their proper solutions! Here is some information attached, that shocked us and made us Serious about the Decision to start CardiologyBD.com:

Cardiology Research in Bangladesh

A 2018 research conducted by the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) of Bangladesh, revealed that the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in the country stands at 4.5%. This means that approximately 4.5% of the Bangladeshi population grapples with various forms of CVD, including heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure.

Study Report on Cardiac Health by WHO

However, a more recent 2021 study from the World Health Organization (WHO) unveils a starker reality. It indicates that the prevalence of CVD risk factors in Bangladesh is notably higher, standing at a worrisome 27.5%. This implies that one out of every four Bangladeshis carries at least one CVD risk factor, encompassing high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, or smoking habits.

CVD Risk Factor Study on Bangladeshi People and Cardiac Patients

What’s even more concerning is that this WHO study illustrates an alarming upward trend in CVD risk factors, particularly among the younger population in Bangladesh.

CVD represents a significant contributor to mortality and disability in Bangladesh, responsible for approximately 30% of all recorded deaths. Shockingly, the WHO’s projections indicate that by 2030, CVD is poised to become the leading cause of mortality in Bangladesh.

Goals and Mission of Cardiology BD

Bangladesh Cardiologists are trying to improve Heart Health consciousness and they found that only offline seminars are not enough! We need an Online Platform, an Online Cardiology Blog in Bangladesh which will contain informative topics related to Cardiac health and some common types of Cardiovascular issues or diseases people of Bangladesh are facing. Also providing good home remedies as a treatment for minor health issues and recommending emergency medicines for emergency Cardiac Problems are Cardiology BD’s Duties! We have a community of Expert Bangladesh Cardiologist team! They handle the Cardiac Blog Writing Part as well as recommending Medicines related to Cardiovascular Disease but most of the time, we recommend visiting an Expert Cardiologist in Bangladesh! Cardiology Bangladesh has a good Online Presence because of our Social Presence and Regular Activity on Blogs and Articles related to Cardiac Problems and Prevention!

Cardiology Bangladesh Cardiac and Heart Health Related Article Categories

Cardiology Bangladesh Categories in Bangla

Cardiology BD Also Covers these Cardiological Issues, Heart Health and Cardio Vascular Problem identification related articles in Bengali Language, here are some of the Categories:


Cardiology Bangladesh, or Cardiology BD, is a cardiac blog website in Bangladesh dedicated to providing information about heart health, cardiac issues, and cardiovascular health-related topics. Established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, it offers articles in both Bengali and English to educate the people of Bangladesh.

Cardiology Bangladesh was created in response to the alarming prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and risk factors in Bangladesh. Research from organizations like the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) and the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the urgent need to educate people about heart health and cardiac problems.

According to research from NICVD and WHO, approximately 4.5% of the Bangladeshi population suffers from various forms of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, the prevalence of CVD risk factors in Bangladesh is as high as 27.5%. These statistics indicate a pressing need for heart health awareness.

Cardiology Bangladesh aims to educate people about heart disease symptoms, when to consult a cardiologist, and provide information on cardiac health issues and their solutions. The platform also lists the best cardiologist doctors in Bangladesh for easy access to professional care.

Cardiology Bangladesh covers a wide range of topics related to heart health, including cardiovascular health, heart diseases and conditions, cardiology procedures, risk factors, diagnosis and testing, medications, patient stories, and much more. It also addresses ethical and social aspects of heart health and the healthcare system in Bangladesh.

Yes, Cardiology Bangladesh provides articles in Bengali on various cardiological issues, heart health, and cardiovascular problem identification. The platform is committed to delivering information in both Bengali and English to cater to the needs of the local population

Cardiology Bangladesh offers a list of the best cardiologist doctors in Bangladesh, along with important information about their experience and expertise. This list can help you easily find a cardiologist to address your cardiac health needs.

Cardiology Bangladesh provides information to help you differentiate between common chest discomfort and chest pain related to heart issues, ensuring that you make informed decisions about seeking medical help.

Cardiology Bangladesh offers articles on various aspects of heart health, including lifestyle changes, risk factor management, and prevention tips to help you maintain a healthy heart.

You can contact Cardiology Bangladesh through their website, and you can also follow their social media channels for regular updates and information on heart health and cardiac issues in Bangladesh.