A Case Report of Middle Aortic Syndrome: A Rare Vascular Disorder

Naresh Chandra Mandal, MF Hossain, AA Mamun, NK Dey, MN Sabah, MA Arif, S Samad, MR Rahman, AHM Bashar, GMM Hossain, E Hakim, SAN Alam, MK Hasan, QA Azad

The middle aortic syndrome (MAS) is rare (about 0.5-2% of all the cases of aortic coarctation) vascular
disorder characterized by severe narrowing in the descending thoracic aorta, abdominal aorta, or both. It
can be congenital or acquired due to several conditions.MAS may present clinically as uncontrolled
hypertension, abdominal angina or lower limb claudication. Surgical treatment is effective in controlling
symptom and improves life expectancy.