Brugada Syndrome in a Female Patient from Bangladesh: A Rare Occurrence

Debasish Roychoudhury, Jacob Sam Koruth

Brugada syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern which is associated with ventricular
fibrillation and sudden cardiac death in a patient with structurally normal heart. The diagnosis is
clinched on characteristic EKG pattern of >2 mm ST segment elevation followed by negative T wave in
right precordial leads V1,2 either occurring spontaneously or with pharmacological provocation with a
sodium channel blocker. Prevalence of this disease varies by geographic location and sex with highest
preponderance in South East Asian countries and in males. Among South-East Asian countries, there
has been only one case report so far from Bangladesh and that too in a male patient.
We present a case of female patient from Bangladesh with Brugada syndrome. We also report an association
of Autism with Brugada syndrome in patient’s only female child.