After Whom the Instruments Named

Suman Nazmul Hosain

Innovation in surgery plays a very important role of easing the task of the surgeons. Some instruments
used in cardiac surgery today were designed by legendary surgeons from the past. These useful articles
bear the names of their inventors. There hasn’t been much documentation on the development of
cardiothoracic surgical instruments. The historian claims that first known surgical instruments were
developed as early as 10,000 BC! Hippocrates had reportedly developed different surgical instruments
made of copper, iron, bronze, and brass. Renowned Muslim surgeon of middle age Al-Zahrawi devised
many surgical instruments. Some surgeons developed instruments based on their own anatomical size
and others for “new” operations that required more delicate instrumentation to perform them. Cardiothoracic
surgeons also have adopted instruments innovated, designed and used by colleagues belonging to other
surgical specialty. This article would explore a few of these legendary innovators, illuminating the drive
that led these legends to design the surgical instruments we continue to use in our surgical practices even